DECEMBER 16, 2022 | 4 MIN
6 Easy Ways to Boost Website Conversions
This Holiday Season
It’s not a secret that Christmas Holidays is the time when it is possible for the business to close more deals than the whole of the previous 11 months.
That’s why all the brands and marketers are in a race to grab a piece of the pie. We’ve prepared some tips to help prepare your website for one of the hottest seasons of the year!
Add some easy Christmas elements
The first and the easiest advice to use. These can be images, background colors, navigation elements, cookie banners. Take a look at how these companies brought the Christmas spirit in just a few changes!
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Hurry up, you only have a few days left!
Reimagine your Pop-Ups
Pop-ups are usually used to increase sales and retain users, but they can also be helpful to minimize abandoned carts. But what if we say that during the holidays season this is one of the most powerful tools to boost your sales? But to reach their full potential you should not forget to redesign them as well as the rest of the landing pages.
Many customers understand that there can be delays in shipping as there are thousands of customers like them waiting for their Christmas gift to be delivered.

But even if many users understand that, it would be polite from the brand’s side to notify their customers about some shipping nuances, so you can keep your audience loyalty high.

Emphasizing on the urgency and scarcity is also a great move to increase your sales before the shipping cuts off.
Clarify the shipping details from the start
When people are rushing in search of a perfect Christmas present, you can make the knight’s move and take on the challenge of coming up with a gift.
But you should remember that the list of Christmas-designed product pages is not a guide. You should provide your customers the best experience in a short time so that the guide should be well-organized.
You can offer gifts organized by price, by category, by interests, by gender, by age.

As a result, first, you make your sales as high as possible.

Second, you make your customers as calm and satisfied as possible.Don’t forget that by satisfying your customers during the holiday season you risk these customers staying with you…forever!

Third…instead of a thousand words, take a look and get inspired!
Gift guides rule this season
Depending on the size of the business, the work with discounts is carried out in different ways. When the business turnover is high, Christmas is the perfect time for offering customers a better deal as you will never be unprofitable due to the high number of sales.

If you have different kinds of products on your website, put the focus on those that are relevant to the season, so that discounts don’t look like taken from nowhere.
There isn’t too much discounting
P.S. Christmas is the time when it won’t be superfluous to pay attention to your bestsellers, especially if these are advent calendars!
Welcome and holiday gifts are not only a way to thank the customers, increase their loyalty and retention, it is also a way to avoid cart abandonment.

Offer your customers a nice gift with an order and, with greater probability, they proceed to checkout.
Gift giving is never enough
Ho-ho-ho-pe these tips will help you to increase your sales and make your customers happy and satisfied more than ever!
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