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OCTOBER 14, 2022 | 5 MIN
In this segment, advertisers most often emphasize the customer’s economic benefit. It’s really important to mention the price in your advertising creatives when selling low- and medium-value items. USPs about the quality of goods are popular as well.

According to our experts, the cost of delivery is of high importance to buyers, yet it is highlighted infrequently. But for the customers, the availability of free delivery can be a key factor when choosing a brand.
Not the most popular USP in advertising, but no less meaningful to customers is the terms of delivery. If they are attractive, tell the customers more about them, indicate the speed of delivery, convenient slots and the time a person will save by shopping online.
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…and how to grab customer’s attention based on the experience of Top 100 online stores in CIS market.

We all know the basic algorithm for creating a unique selling proposition, but not always do we fully understand the needs of the audience.
It happens that we do not fulfill a number of customer expectations simply because we do not know or do not think about them.
In the E-Commerce 2021 study, we analyzed USPs of the Top 100 online stores in CIS market. Let’s dive deeper which creatives are already working in different market segments, and which are worth paying special attention to.

The study touches on the digital advertising market in the context of e-commerce and is supported by the opinions of major players such as Yandex, Google and Aliexpress. Based on the results of expert interviews the key trends in digital marketing were defined, and the development of creatives was named “the core of an advertising campaign”.

Having analyzed the semantics of more than 1.5 million advertisements of the Top 100 online stores in CIS market, we found out which unique selling propositions are important to focus on during promotion.
The importance of the USP was investigated in 10 different segments of e-commerce:
  • FMCG;
  • beauty;
  • clothing, shoes and accessories;
  • homeware;
  • pharmacies;
  • car accessories;
  • sports and leisure;
  • goods for children;
  • department stores;
  • electronics.

Let’s have a look at the USPs that deserve the most attention when communicating with your target audience.
In the beauty segment at the moment, the most common USPs are related to saving money. They are followed by the variety of goods, as it is common for the consumer in this segment to browse and choose from a group of products, rather than aim for something specific straight away.

Communicating information about promotions and variety of products should not be neglected. Consumers in CIS countries are used to constant promotions, special offers and discounts on selected products. This is a well-established feature, that should be accounted for when planning advertising campaigns.

Convenience of delivery is also important in the beauty segment. Focus on speed, convenience, a large selection of time slots, and the minimum check required for free delivery.
Clothing, shoes and accessories
In the research, the clothing, footwear and accessories segment is divided into mono- and multi-brands. The same USPs will work differently in different categories.

Creatives of mono-brand online stores more often show favorable prices and delivery terms. It’s more about the image.

In multi-brand stores, in addition to price factors and delivery terms, creatives also pay attention to the convenience of returns and payment security.

In ads for mono-brand stores, it’s really worth talking about saving and cost, but don’t forget to emphasize such emotional factors as unique style and quality of goods.

In ads for multi-brands, we recommend shifting the focus to the quality of goods, the wide array of choices and styles. Equally important are price of and position on delivery.
In the rest of the segments, the most popular USPs are about saving, a wide range of products and fast delivery. Of course, we should not forget about these advantages, but in a number of product categories you can find their own, truly unique propositions.

Additionally, we found that for consumers of sports & athletics segment it’s important to offer fitting options, because in addition to sports equipment people often order sportswear or shoes. Sports stores should pay attention to this USP.

In the segment of goods for children creatives about promotional offers will bring high conversion.

We recommend that department stores focus on the level of service, especially the return policy. And in the electronics and home appliances category, attract customers with positive reviews; such communication pushes them to buy, increases trust in the retailer and helps remove barriers during the search for products.
General recommendations
For the low and medium price segment, the most effective are price offers, free shipping and any kind of USP based on monetary benefits. For brands in the above-average price segment, the advertising message must match the positioning of the brand. In all cases, it is important to rely on real analytics, to test different hypotheses, and to follow market trends.
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